We plan to meet our Mission goal in two ways:

  1. Raising public awareness about brain tumors by educating the public regarding the symptoms of the disease, and current treatment options. It is our hope that by increasing awareness, people afflicted with this disease will receive earlier diagnosis and in turn, achieve a better chance of survival. 
  2. Provide funding to researchers working toward finding a breakthrough in brain cancer diagnosis & treatments which will lead to a cure. We believe that research will need to be "targeted" to provide the best opportunity to finding a cure. We realize that the medical community and the general public need to better understand the causes of brain tumors, determining possible preventative measures and discovering new and improved treatment options, including both mainstream and complementary medicines. We will support health care professionals who are dedicated to these areas of research.

The number one priority of the Gray Matters Brain Cancer Foundation is to act as a catalyst for researchers world-wide to turn their attention to the area of brain cancer research and to award grants for leading industry research with the goal of finding the causes and cures for brain cancer and improving these patients' quality of life and outcomes. The foundation provides grants to nonprofit medical organizations in the United States that carry out brain cancer care and research.

Brian Stewart - Executive Director
Katherine Stewart - President and Treasurer
Stephen Liedtka - Vice President
Susan Scibilia - Secretary
Advisory Board:
Donald Burke
Jennifer Duffett
Thomas Duffett
Suzanne Healy
Stephen Liedtka
Susan E. Scibilia
Chris Staser
Brian D. Stewart
Jennifer Stewart
Katherine Stewart
William Stewart
Keith M. McWhirk, Mandracchia & McWhirk LLC

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